Standard Fees, Terms & Conditions:

The following information concerns: consultation, custom programming, software programs, tutoring, computer hardware systems and upgrades & other services.

All prices quoted in a written proposal will be honored for 30 days from the date of the proposal. Hawaii State excise tax will be added when applicable. All invoice charges are due and payable on or about presentation and to whom indicated upon the presented invoice. The standard hourly fee for services of $60.00 can change with written notice. Interest of 1.5% per month is charged on any overdue, outstanding billing. In the unlikely event that there is any problem with payment or in the event of non-payment you will be liable for and charged with all expenses of collection, with or without suit, including reasonable attorney fees. Payment of retainer or any fee constitutes agreement with these terms.

Charges are computed as follows:


1. $1,000.00 as a retainer for writing a custom software application program for a single IBM PC or Compatible computer to be run in the ADVANCED REVELATION database environment. The standard hourly fee for programming will accrue against the retainer. When the retainer is used up, then fees would be payable upon presentation of invoice.

2. $200.00 to purchase the ADVANCED REVELATION Runtime engine module for which the actual application will be written.


The standard hourly fee for services will apply. On site consultation is normally with a 4 hour minimum per visit. Time is computed from my curb back to my curb. Telephone consultation has a 15 minute minimum per call. Tutoring is payable in advance on a monthly or per course basis.


We will secure hardware, software or other items for you on a "landed cost plus 10% basis". You would, of course, be consulted and your approval secured prior to any equipment, software or other items being ordered. Usually the equipment or supplies would be sent C.O.D. on your behalf or prepaid with your credit card, check or a certified / cashiers check if required by the vendor. The standard hourly fee will be charged: to assemble the system if any assembly is necessary; to set up the menu program; instruct the operators; any consultation by telephone or in person or any other service rendered.


Occasionally under certain circumstances  the standard hourly fee will not apply.   The premium hourly fee for services is calculated at the rate of $120.00 per hour.  There is a six (6) hour minimum engagement and it is mandatory that the  fee is paid in advance and to whom indicated upon the presented invoice or proposal prior to any services being rendered. Time charges here are also my curb back to my curb.

Mahalo nui loa, Herbert G. Brentlinger

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